Building a personal brand? Answer these 10 questions to kick-start your mission


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Personal branding is relevant more than ever in today’s economy of connection. Everyone has a unique story and experience to share with others.

Personal brands are especially beneficial for freelancers, artists, content creators, and similar roles. It provides a personality for their body-of-work.

If you’re one of them, you can use branding as an advantage in many situations that are related to your career and lifestyle.

So how does one begin to build a personal brand?

Start simple

When it comes to your personality, there are no rules as to what you must do. You are the face behind it all, so you should go with what intuitively comes to you.

Find a place to start by asking yourself some simple questions:

1.What do you want to accomplish with your personal brand? The simple act of thinking about your vision will get your creative juices flowing. Grab a piece of paper or open your text editor and start writing down your vision.

2.How does that look for you in terms of milestones one year from now? What about five years from now? Think about the things that need to happen for you to be successful in bringing your vision to life.

3.Why is all of this important to you? There must be a reason why all of this matters. I understand the part where you want to make a living out of your work but go a bit deeper with this one. Create a purpose that you can share with, and inspire others.

You’re telling a story

Everyone has a different background, and a big part of the process is finding a way to tell your story and inspire others on a similar path. Your audience needs to know and understand who you are before they can connect with you.

4. Where and how did your journey begin? A big part of becoming influential in the desired community is sharing your experience and knowledge of the relevant topics.

5.What lessons have you learned along the way? Share the good and share the bad. You’re a human just like the rest of us, and people need to see that.

6. What makes you qualified to speak on these topics? Think about everything that you’ve accomplished, and you can claim as yours. You do not always have to be an expert at everything in your field, but you must be a step ahead of your audience to guide them.

You’re here to help others

The internet is a place where everyone hangs out, and you’re trying to find and connect with the people that are right for you.

7. Who are you doing this for who? Think about the people that you’re trying to serve and how you fit into their daily life. First, narrow down their demographic characteristics such as age range, location, occupation, or any other relevant information.

8. How does a typical day for your audience look? Go beyond simple demographics and research the lifestyle they lead. The problems they face, the goals they set out to achieve, their mindset, and more. That will make it easier to find a place for your positive influence on their needs and goals.

9. How does your work fit into their life? Create a picture of how they spend their attention. Consider the people they already follow, the products and services they already use, and so on. If you understand their needs, you can think of creative ways to stand out from your competition.

Putting it all together

Trying to get your work out there without a strategy is leaving everything to chance or luck. That is why you need to have something that will guide you to success.

10. What is your winning strategy? There are many opportunities for you to fill in the blank by making sure that you provide the right content, service, or solution to your people. Think about the ways you can reach out to people, how to present your work to them, and how you’re going to hook them and pique their interest.

Don’t leave it all to chance. Sit down and plan out the next few months or even the following year. Set some goals on where you want to be one year from now, and how you’re getting there.

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