It is demonstrated that the percentage of the clients lost in a real estate is actually due to the bad customer service. When a real estate does not manage to create a good customer service, there is always the risk to lose a lot of sales.

Moreover, a real estate should never lose so many sales because of the bad service towards the clients or because of the low rate of assertiveness.

A real estate is a company and an organization in the same time and that is why a real estate agent or the responsible person on the first contact will be the external link.

That person, represented by a real estate agent or any other person who works in the real estate, will become the figure, the voice and the image of the real estate agency. If his/her achievements are correct then the result is positive for the real estate.

On the contrary, if the behavior is inappropriate or ineffective, this will negatively affect the real estate´s image.

Because we are aware of the importance of the customer service inside the real estate, we need to add that element in the business´s strategy before the opening of the real estate. After that, once we have opened the real estate, we need to focus on the necessary settings for the proper customer service policy in order to make the real estate more effective.

It is highly important that any real estate defines the type of customer service policy to apply and to manage to implement it effectively, taking into consideration the competences and the strategic plans.

This will help the real estate achieve the solving of any conflictive situation which could happen with a client. In the same time, that customer service policy of a real estate should be characterized by certain terms of organizational behavior.

Each member of the real estate should adapt to the customer service policy adopted by the real estate and they should also understand the individual behavior which will directly affect the agency.

The clients of the real estate will always create a link with the real estate by 3 means: personal contact, by phone or by email. It is highly important the customer service policy of a real estate to follow these aspects, because from that point, the real estate could distinguish the three ways of contact with the clients.

These three important elements require a special and specific use in order to get satisfactory results.

Anyway, all these means which help us to manage the customer service should be effectively implemented right from the beginning and if the members of the organization are not qualified, they should get a minimum knowledge.

Not all persons count with a high rate of assertiveness or do not know how to efficiently use their own social abilities and that is why it is very important for a real estate to detect who of the members are best qualified and less qualified.

A very important aspect regarding the customer service of a real estate is the management and solving of the different problems and conflicts that may occur inside the real estate. These problems should never affect the link between the clients and the real estate.

If there were to be a problem with one of the real estate´s clients, this should be right ahead solved recreating the link between them and the image of the real estate should never be seen as damaged.

When the people who work in a real estate achieve high levels of assertiveness, will always be able to manage any type of situation that may occur between them and a client. Of course, the experience of every member is very important in this subject.

The real problem of a real estate is not the client that might create a conflictive situation but the real problem is when the real estate is not counting with members that could manage well those situations.

This aspect is much more recurring and it gets a higher priority, because there are also some interpersonal links created and in any real estate, these links are converted into economic losses or winnings.

The key elements in customer service.

In order to get an effective customer service, the real estate agency needs to take this into consideration:

  • Plan and establish a customer service policy which will eventually become an organizational model to follow.
  • Supervise that policy of the real estate in order to make more changes which will convert it into an effective methodology.
  • Analyze (in the weekly meeting) the possible conflictive situations which might occur with the clients.
  • Identify the weaknesses and the strong points of every person inside a real estate related to the customer service, so to get a higher rate of collective efficiency.
  • Both the first contact with the client as the managing of the sale and post-sale should be taken into consideration as parts of customer service of a real estate.
  • Implement specific programs of knowledge related to customer service in order to achieve a real estate much more productive.

For a real estate is essential to have an effective system of customer service, which should contain certain aspects in order to achieve a high level of effectiveness.

When a client of the real estate feels he was not well attended, because of the bad attention or the indifference, he will directly break all the relations with the real estate agency.

When a client breaks up with the real estate on the basis of a bad treatment received from any of the real estate employees, there will appear some long term negative consequences for the real estate.

For a real estate, losing a client implies a huge problem, mainly because the clients are the main resources of the real estate and because that client might convert into the person who spreads around bad advertisement.

The worst advert a real estate could get is the annoyed client. This is not an exaggeration, if we take into consideration the means of communicating that nowadays exist through the different platforms of the Internet.

If the clients spread good feedbacks, this is an important fact for any real estate and if the contrary happens (the clients might talk badly about the services offered by the real estate agency), it will turn into a negative aspect.

One of the main principles inside any marketing strategy for a real estate is that it is highly important the above not to happen. If the client wants revenge, he could easily harm the strategy for development of the brand of the real estate.

There are a lot of cases in which the clients harmed the business image of the real estate. There are cases in which the clients even damaged the economic state of the real estate. The responsible persons of a real estate should take into consideration the fact that the only thing a client needs is a computer connected to Internet so he could easily start an effective negative campaign.

On the other hand, we should also take into consideration that the users of Internet are very supportive with this kind of campaigns of discredit and people join rapidly when there is a strategy to discredit a business than if it were a positive one.

The Internet users and the social networks reflect a high level of solidarity at the moment of sharing contents in order to report a bad service coming from a business.

The best way to avoid those facts to happen is to implement a customer service policy focused on the generation of positive synergies, which will eventually be converted into a huge value added to the organization.


A real estate client can forget a small error if he is well- attended, but this is not available if he has been treated with indifference and hostility. In order to avoid this, it is essential that all members have this in mind.

The customer service is a very important factor which should be taken with the best professionality. The clients of a firm must be professionally attended, no matter what investment they bring to the firm.

An effective customer service policy should follow certain elements. A real estate should not attend well its clients only because they invest a lot of money. An effective customer service policy is good for any type of business, no matter what product might offer.

Even a customer who finally decides not to buy, might convert into a generator of good synergies for the real estate only because he has been well treated and attended.

The client of the real estate agencywho will not buy a property, might serve as a link in order to get another client that for sure will become a potential buyer.

Anyway, apart from the strong customer service, a real estate should also use this slogan: “never underestimate a client of the real estate and all clients should be treated with the same professionality”.

Key aspects of the customer service policy.

In order to get an effective customer service for the real estate, there are 2 fundamental areas to take into consideration:

  • The ways of communication which are set with the client.
  • The modalities of attending the real estate´s client.

Due to the extension required by the development of those concepts in order to get an efficient explanation, we will start touching the different ways of communication which we need to establish with the client and in the next article we will analyze those main aspects.

Ways of communicating with the client.

  • The greeting is the first contact.

A client should feel welcomed into a real estate and we should never treat him with indifference. The greeting is the first contact of the client with the real estate.

A greeting should be cordial and warm and without any excess or intention when it comes from the members of a real estate.

  • How to talk to a client of the real estate.

The words and phrases used are essential because they will have an unconscious effect on the client of the real estate. Every action creates a reaction and so the words are converted in action.

The key is to know how to foresee a reaction of the client. We must always transmit certain values to the clients: professionalism, seriousness, compromise.

  • Veracity and precision of the info given to the client.

It is very important to transmit true info to the client of the real estate, because he needs to feel the agency is really sincere and honest. A real estate should never leave the impression it is hiding something from the client.

Most of the times, the client of the real estate might feel he is about to be tricked, when in reality, the person that attends the client does not know how to get an effective verbal communication with the client.

  • The emotional state is important for the customer service.

The internal state has a very important role at the moment of creating a verbal interaction and both the client and the responsible person to attend him inside the real estate will get conditioned by them.

When we attend a client of the real estate, we need to forget the emotions and feelings and understand that the client is not responsible for our private problems.

The smile must always be present on our faces when attending a client and should become the active element in the customer service policy of the real estate.

The first contact without a smile brakes away with the basic principles of assertiveness.

  • The non-verbal communication with the client.

Our body talks and transmits info to the client of the real estate and both verbal and non-verbal means of communication are two important factors. We should take into consideration that the bidirectional communication is also applied to the verbal communication and this is very important in order to get to understand the noon-verbal signs that the client sends.

The body position, the gestures and the movements of the body in general, should be coherent with the message we send to the client of the real estate.

Just a single gesture that is wrong interpreted by the client, it might convert into the difference between the selling or not of a property.

  • Written communication with the client of a real estate.

The written communication with the client of the real estate should contain some verbal and non-verbal elements, but there are other factors to be taken into consideration. It is important to mind every word and phrase written, both in an email as when we use any other means.

The written word should be interpreted as an action, too. Right from the beginning, in this frame of the written communication, it is recommended to pay attention to orthography and grammar, but also to other elements which affect directly or indirectly (type and size of the letter, the structure of the written message, used colors, general editing of the content).

Methods to attend the customers of a real estate.

Continuing with the same subject, we will analyze other linked aspects:

  • The telephonic communication with the client of the real estate.
  • The attention directed towards the clients of the real estate agency.

The telephonic communication with the clients.

The customer service by phone requires the use of all previous aspects. This is very important to be taken into consideration because the client of a real estate is not physically present and that is why we should focus on the main aspects of a verbal communication, leaving aside the non-verbal communication.

If the person of the real estate does not manage the verbal skills without the non-verbal ones, he should center on generating sympathy, a very difficult task for those who don’t have the skills to do this.

For an effective telephonic communication with the client of the real estate we need to understand these key aspects:

  • Model of telephone attention.

Answering the phone of the real estate should be something included in the main customer service policy and for this, we will need to create a pattern model which must be used by anyone in the real estate.

No matter what models we choose, this could be a simple example:

“Costa Invest Real Estate, hello, this is ( tell your name). How can I help you?”

  • The name of the real estate.

 The name of the agency should go first when attending the phone calls in a real estate. This shows professionalism and confirms the client the person with whom he really wants to talk to.

  • The greeting when answering the phone.

Say “Good morning” or “Good evening” it´s the basic greeting inside the assertiveness keys. In the same time, this is a sign of courtesy and good education. On the contrary, not doing that, will delete the possibility of showing some good values to the client.

  • Introduce oneself.

The person who attends the phone calls in a real estate should say his/her name because this personalizes the attention offered and it offers more confidence. It is very important to personalize the attention of the client of the real estate and the person who establishes the first contact should turn into a facilitator of the client.

We have to transmit to the client of the real estate a good mood and receptivity because most of the times, that receptivity turns into a key element in order to generate an instant positive rapport.

What we must never do when attending a phone call.

  • Informal greetings.

We must never use an informal telegram type greeting such as “Hi” or “Yes, please”. These types of greetings to use when attending a phone call inside a real estate are forbidden and it is shameful that there are lots of real estates that still use this style.

The person who takes the calls inside a real estate should bear in mind that he/she will become the voice of the real estate and will be the responsible of several values to share. Most of the times, the start of a selling process depends on her.

  • Impersonal voice tones.

Use an aggressive and impersonal tone. This is badly negative when talking to a possible client and this will damage the real estate interests. We must always adopt a calm and constant tone and never modify it.

If the client of the real estate contacts us in order to complain for something, the person who attends him must never answer likewise, but on the contrary, he should try to make the client change his mood.

  • Take care of the words.

There are several words to be avoided when taking a phone call because they could provoke negative reactions from the client.

We should not forget words are actions and they always provoke reactions, aspect that conditions the link between the client and the real estate.

The words we should avoid when talking to a client on the phone: should, must , you have to, you should have, etc.

The person who takes the call should always be the facilitator and a problem solver and should never become an obstacle in the communication.

  • Do not give excuses.

When we attend a client on the phone, we should not ask for forgiveness and we should always say we do not know anything about that subject on which the client is complaining. Not knowing something is not a problem.

The bigger problem is when we say we do know when we actually do not. Professionally, there is no shame to not know some functional things inside the real estate and we could always ask for help or even pass the client to another person of the real estate.

If that were the case, we should never leave the client the sensation of trying to avoid him or trick him.

  • Focus on the client.

We must never attend a client of the real estate showing interest to another thing. When we talk to a client we must pay attention only to him.

It is highly important to achieve a high level of concentration with the client of the real estate and we should try to process all the info the client brings and so register every detail into our minds.

In this way, we could easily achieve a more effective customer service.

  • If you promise something to the client, you should accomplish it.

If a client calls to the office because he wants to talk to a certain member of the real estate, the person who attends him should pass the message to the correct member.

In the same time, if the person who attends the client needs some time to manage the task, then the former should call the client. The phrase ¨I will get back to you¨ is a promise so it should be accomplished.

Not accomplish the promise is one of the worst and negative factors which the real estate could transmit to a client.

Attend a client of the real estate in person.

The present communication with the client of a real estate requires pass through all the previous characteristics of the verbal and non-verbal communication.

We should take into consideration that in that background, the verbal communication has its relevant role and so we need to focus on the main aspects of that communication, in order to achieve an effective customer service inside the real estate.

We should not forget about the fact that there are other aspects related to a certain type of communication and apart from becoming the voice of the company, the person who attends the client turns into the image of it.

The main elements to be taken into consideration in order to achieve a good and effective customer service for the client who is present inside the real estate are the following:

  • Courtesy.

Courtesy is a feature which is transmitted right from the beginning and it is linked to the confidence we need to show to a client. We should never forget the first impression counts the most.

  • The personalized attention.

The personalized attention is one of the most valued elements by the client of a real estate. It is important to call the client by his name (without crossing the limits) and using a certain rate of sympathy.

If the client of the real estate feels that the person who attends him is helping him and has the best intentions, by no means, he will feel discontented.

  • The efficiency.

The efficiency of the customer service of a real estate is achieved only with the feeling of security sent to the client and with the help of the good time management. The security is achieved through information and the qualification of the members of a real estate.

These are the most important elements in order to transmit confidence and professionality to the client. Managing time properly is also important, because the clients do not want to lose their time and when they have their doubts and questions solved, they feel a professional environment.

  • The image.

The image of the person who attends the client of the real estate is also very important and transmits a series of non-encoded data. By non-encoded data we refer to those aspects that are showed to the client right from the beginning.

Those aspects will condition the client in a sense or another instantly. The specific subject of the personal image is based on several conditions among which we could easily notice the look and the neatness.

Without wasting the time talking about stereotypes, the members of a real estate should be aware there are some not written social rules of what to wear in a company.

The implementing of a well-defined customer service policy of the real estate allows the real estate to get a higher level of efficiency, increment the positive synergies with the clients and create more solid commercial links for the real estate.


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