Effective Selling Starts with Understanding Human Nature

Imagine you are from another planet, about to embark on a journey to Earth to meet this creature called Humans.  You are going to be given your current job when you arrive on Earth. 

And imagine I was your instructor, helping you prepare and understand about these Humans. How to interact with them.    

Here is what I’d tell you. 

8 Traits of Human Nature

There are 8 traits commonly shared amongst Humans (at least those in Developed countries). 

After reading each topic, ask yourself: How does this knowledge impact my job? 

Humans Are Disorganized: Humans are disorganized, don’t respond, forget things &/or don’t follow their calendar. So, for anything that is important to you, YOU must take the reins to lead and drive every step of the journey … otherwise, you are relying on them.  

Humans Don’t Like to Say “No”: Because of this trait, Humans often let relationships drag on. When not interested in pursuing or continuing a relationship, Humans prefer to make either vague commitments (“we will talk soon”) or become less responsive (via email, text, etc..). Saying “No” is very uncomfortable for Humans. So, if you want to know where you stand, you need to ask for more specific commitments, take the reins and see if they follow.  If they don’t, they are saying “No” … just politely.

Humans Don’t Express How They Feel or Ask for Help: We are culture full of egos. When Humans don’t understand something and/or are unhappy with something or someone, they say nothing. It builds and builds and builds, and then we lose the relationship.  So, what can we do?  Simply never assume that “no news” means “good news”.  Take the time to ask Humans for feedback – otherwise you probably won’t get any.  

Humans don’t like surprises: In both personal and business life, I, like you, would rather hear “any type of news” over “no news at all”. So, be sure to proactively keep your audience in the loop on all updates–good or bad. “No news” will cost you relationships.

Humans value those they perceive know more than they do: Humans often associate that when you take control of a relationship – drive every step and every agenda – you must know more than they do on the subject matter (even if untrue).  In either case, when talking with Humans, have the confidence to TELL them what you recommend & why, what the next steps should be, discuss timelines, etc. When one Human asserts the lead role in a relationship, the others often just follow.  

Humans are Risk-Adverse:  Humans often make buying decisions, and will even pay more, for solutions that make them feel “safe” i.e. whatever path they believe has the lowest risk (true or not is irrelevant). This applies to every relationship -business and personal.

Humans want others to make their life easier: Ask yourself, for those companies or Humans you would refer to your colleagues & friends, are you doing so because of the product or service you received OR because of the total experience you had?  But what constitutes a good “experience”?  If you understand Humans, you know the answer. 

Humans Favor Heart Above Head: Humans will typically choose and maintain relationships with people they like. If they “like” you, they will often associate you with being a good, smart and honest person (which may or may not be true). So, above all, in relationships, lead with your heart.  Make a Human connection every time you interact with someone.



by Darren Rabie



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