The Perfect 3-Step Sales Process

Did you know that buyers rate 65% of salespeople as average or poor?

If you fall into that two-thirds majority of salespeople, you’ll find it difficult to build rapport with hard-to-impress buyers who hear from countless salespeople each week.

In fact, without a proven sales process, capturing and keeping the attention of a high-level prospect can be nearly impossible.

On the other hand, with even a simple 3-step sales process as your guide, you can connect with more prospects and close more sales than ever before.

Of course, you don’t just want to pull a 3-step sales process out of thin air.

I’ve personally worked with thousands of salespeople and found a proven method shared by the most successful salespeople across industries.

In this video and article, I’m going to share the perfect 3-step sales process that has worked time and time again and can help you close more sales—and bigger sales—than ever before.


The Power of a 3-Step Sales Process

The power of a 3 step sales process

Avoid distractions and stay on the path to sales success with a proven sales process.

I’ve met with top salespeople across a wide variety of industries, and I’ve found that high-performing salespeople share a lot in common.

One of the strongest commonalities among top salespeople is that they all use a consistent and predictable sales process.

In many cases, this is a simple 3-step sales process that is easy to remember and follow but works nearly every time.

On the other hand, average salespeople who are struggling to keep up are simply winging it.

Their process changes from one prospect to the next.

This disorganized approach takes more time and effort than a simple, proven process yet yields far less in profits!

We all need a 3-step sales process in order to excel; it keeps us focused and on track.

Plus, a 3-step sales process will ensure we give each prospect a stellar sales experience that leads them to invest in our product or service.

Read on to learn more about the perfect 3-step sales process I’ve seen lead countless salespeople to success in sales.

#1: Build connections of trust with prospects.

3 Step Sales Process - build connections of trust with prospects

Prospects buy from salespeople they feel they can trust.

In order for you to make a new sale, there must be a connection of trustBuilding that connection is the first step of the 3-step sales process.

This goes deeper than merely building rapport.

First, you need the prospect to feel that you’re similar to him or her.

Even your body language comes into play here—a whopping 81% of buyers prefer to talk to someone with their same mannerisms.

Mirror the body language you see in your prospect, then look for things to connect over that you have in common.

To put it simply, prospects must feel like they’re someone you truly relate to and understand.

Second, the prospect needs to feel that you care about their situation.

Ask questions about their deepest challenges, then practice active listening.

When prospects see that you’re working to build a solution to their biggest problems—rather than simply pushing a product or service on them—they’ll be more likely to listen to you, trust you, and ultimately buy from you.

Once you’ve accomplished that, then you’ve created true connection of trust with the prospect, and you’re ready to move on to the second step in the 3-step sales process.

#2: Learn to disqualify prospects.

3 Step Sales Process-learn to disqualify prospects

Disqualifying prospects boosts your value and frees up your time to close more deals.

Now, this is probably language that you’re not used to hearing in a selling situation, but you have to learn to disqualify prospects.

The second step in the 3-step sales process may sound counterintuitive but it will save you a lot of time and really help you crush your sales goals.

My challenge to you is to stop chasing around prospects with a fancy sales pitch; they just don’t care.

Instead, start asking truly value-based questions to learn about their key challenges and goals.

For instance, try asking, “What is the most important objective that you would like to accomplish this year?” or “What are some of the biggest challenges that you’re consistently facing?”

If their answers reveal that they either aren’t facing or aren’t prioritizing the problems you’re equipped to solve, then they’re not a fit.

Instead of wasting your time trying to make them a fit—only to walk away without a sale—disqualify them on the front end.

By being willing to actually disqualify anyone who’s not a fit, you’re ultimately putting yourself into a position of being the selector.

It’s amazing how prospects will respond to this.

 When you begin signaling to a prospect that they may not be a fit, it’s going to raise your value in their eyes and also lead them to trust you more.

If they start to see you as more valuable, they may even encourage you to stick it out with them.

If that’s the case, you’re ready to move on to the final step of the 3-step sales process.

If not, you’ve now freed up your time to move on to a well-qualified prospect and start the 3-step sales process over again.

#3: Give a case study presentation.

3 Step Sales Process- give a case study presentation

Features and benefits presentations are outdated and dull. Modernize your approach to close more sales.

Canned presentations simply don’t get it done anymore.

If you’re giving the same features and benefits presentation to every prospect, then your sales meetings will be about as engaging as reading a high school textbook.

Case study presentations, on the other hand, keep prospects interested by telling a story of how you’ve already solved the problems they’re facing with other customers.

Set yourself apart from the competition by catering your presentation to the prospect.

Share examples of how you’ve helped other clients in similar situations accomplish their goals.

Have a few different examples ready to share, and when it comes time to actually present your solution, present only to the prospect’s challenges—nothing more.

This final step in the 3-step sales process will set you up to close more sales; all that will be left to do is write a proposal and get them to sign on the dotted line!

Conclusion: Crush Sales Goals with a 3-Step Sales Process

3 Step Sales Process- conclusion: crush sales goals with a 3- step sales process

Follow a proven 3-step sales process to close more sales and bigger sales.

There are two basic ways to crush your sales goals—by closing more sales and by closing bigger sales.

A proven 3-step sales process can help you do both.

By having a blueprint to follow, you’ll stay on track with each prospect to close more deals.

You’ll also earn the trust of highly qualified prospects at big companies and ultimately close bigger sales.

The first step of a perfect 3-step sales process is to establish a true connection of trust with prospects.

Mirror body language and work to figure out what you have in common with prospects.

It’s also important to ask thoughtful questions and really listen until you understand what’s going on in the prospect’s world.

Prospects can tell when you’re faking interest or empathy, but if you really care about helping them solve their biggest problems, your authenticity will shine through and help you earn their trust.

Once you establish that trust, you are ready for the second step of the 3-step sales process—qualifying the prospect.

Rather than trying to sell your product or service to anyone and everyone, be willing to disqualify someone who’s a bad fit.

Prospects will begin to see you as a trusted expert, and you’ll also stop wasting time on bad fits who are only going to throw a bunch of objections at you when you get to the close.

If a prospect is qualified for what you have to offer, you’re ready to move onto the final step of the 3-step sales process.

A case study presentation is crucial if you want to engage prospects and close sales.

Quality prospects hear canned, one-size-fits-all presentations all the time.

If you can cater your presentation to their needs and tell a story of how you’ve solved the problems they’re facing for other customers, you’ll stand out from the crowd and close more sales.

The Perfect 3-Step Sales Process

This 3-step sales process may sound simple, but it works.

Superstar salespeople use it over and over to crush their sales goals and rise to the top of their industry.

So now you know the perfect 3-step sales process to generate an enormous increase in your sales and closing ratios.

Which of these three steps did you find most useful? Be sure to share below in the comments section, and I’ll respond to every comment I possibly can.



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