Want A Steady Stream Of Income From Investor Clients?

What if you had a steady stream of income by having several investors as customers?

Customers who bought and sold multiple properties per year through you. Month after month… Year after year. Would this dramatically increase your income? Absolutely!

A secret to sales is saying the exact right words in every real estate situation.

For instance it’s a skill to effortlessly turn sign calls into in-office appointments. By asking carefully worded questions, you may bring out the latent investor in all of your prospects. Working with investors is an easy way to multiply your real estate sales income

What are the magic words to say to investors?

Watch the video below for the secret to working with investors, then call me (here’s the number: 480-385-8810) to see how using the exact right words in every real estate situation will get you:

• more sellers,
• more buyers,
• more contracts written,
• more contracts accepted,
• more listings priced right, and yes…
• more investors —faster!

Let’s have a short (and super-friendly) phone conversation so I can get to know your business and show how to ramp it up with more listings, more referrals, and more closings for an incredibly profitable real estate business!

I’d love to to talk about your business, and answer any questions you may have. I’d love to explain what it is we do, and, if it’s a good fit, how we can help you build your business to make more money than you every imagined possible!

Our Coaching offers a completely different alternative to old fashioned, overpriced, traditional coaching programs where you are constantly asked about your “Big Why” and constantly asked to report your numbers. When your coach is doing that, you know they have run out of skills to teach you. Their answer to your problem is always just to “do more”.

We are completely different than Mike Ferry coaching, Tom Ferry Coaching, Kevin Ward Coaching, Craig Proctor coaching, Corcoran coaching, The Core Training, Market leader coaching, By Referral Only coaching, MAPS coaching, Bold Training, GSD Mode, Joshua Smith coaching, Tim and Julie Harris coaching, Brian Buffini etc.

What we do instead is focused on your sales skills, your schedule, and your systems, all aimed at dramatically increasing the dollars per hour you are earning.

We will not be selling you on spending money on marketing, websites, real estate lead capture platforms, social media, Zillow, Realtor.com, running Facebook Ads. None of that has anything to do with your Sales skills or you making money in real estate as a Realtor!

Call me at 480-385-8810. I’d love to hear about your business!


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